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Total Patch Repair - Great for Fiberglass, Steel, Concrete, Wood, PVC, Plastic, Galvanized Pipe and More

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  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. The Patch comes in these sizes - 3"X6", 6X9 and 9"X12".
  • MAKES REPAIRING EASY, FAST AND LAST - Do it yourself. Peel and stick application - Quick patch with no mess for interior and exterior surfaces so that every amateur can get professional results.
  • MADE OF REINFORCED FIBERGLASS that is as pliable as a band-aid until it is cured by outdoor sunlight or uv light. After that it can be painted easily.
  • USE ON - plastic, metal, pipes, concrete, drywall, fiberglass, wood, rubber, gutters and much more! (Except Polypropylene)
  • NEEDS ONLY 5 MINUTES OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT to get cured. If indoors - use UV flashlight (not included). Duration according to size of the applied patch.

    Proudly made in the USA, Our DIY Total Patch Repair is Flexible, Strong and Long Lasting

    - Virtually fits around any angle

    - Durable, resistant to extreme temperatures and weather (-40°F to 370°F)

    - Resists corrosion, scratches and many chemicals

    - Cures in as little as 5 minutes in direct sun

    - Once cured, you can sand, paint, and drill

    Use at home or work, on your boat or garage – you can use it on plastic, metal, pipes, concrete, drywall, fiberglass, wood, rubber, gutter sand much more! (Except Polypropylene)


    1) Use on a clean and dry surface.

    2) Remove the Total Patch Repair’s protective cover (away from sun or UV light).

    3) Use whole patch or cut-to-size if desired. (Place any unused portion back into protective cover for future use.)

    4) Peel (color) backing to reveal adhesive side.

    5) Apply adhesive side to repair area.

    6) Once patch is in place, remove (color) film and apply pressure to ensure bond.

    7) Expose to sun or UV lighting to cure according to the below chart.

    In Bright Sun you only need 5 minutes exposure.

    When Cloudy, you’ll need 50 minutes exposure.

    While using Indoors/Non-UV areas - Use a UV Lamp or Light.(Spec: 350-400 ams/75m- m/11w) (ENSURE PROPER VENTILATION)

    Warning – Please read instructions carefully before using. Vapors harmful if inhaled. Harmful if absorbed through skin. May cause an allergic reaction, Skin and eye irritant.

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